Wiggle & Sing by Music Together: Making music with your baby

Introducing Wiggle & Sing

On-demand Music Activity Video Series

Discover the Magic of Music with Your Baby

In each Wiggle & Sing music activity video, an expert Music Together® teacher becomes your personal music coach, giving you different ideas for how you can play with the songs in ways that your baby will love. All activities come straight from the Music Together classroom, where we’ve inspired millions of families to make music since 1987.

The on-demand video series comes with nine videos, plus digital song downloads and a guide to how music supports babies’ development. Designed for babies birth through six months old (and their grownups!).

Support Your Little One’s Development with Music

The effects of music on children are magical. Music can be both energizing and calming. It relieves stress, enhances bonding, and makes everyday activities more enjoyable. And it turns out learning music has plenty of other developmental benefits, too.


No Experience Necessary: We’ll Show You What to Do

You don’t need music experience, skills, or special equipment to jumpstart your baby’s learning with music! With Wiggle & Sing, you’ll learn lots of musical ways to interact and bond with your baby and nurture their inner musician.


It Starts at Birth: Babies and Music

Your baby is a natural-born music-maker. Even wee babies are alert to musical sounds and respond to melody and rhythm in their own way. When you sing and dance with your baby, you‘re actually helping them learn music.


Music Learning Supports All Learning®

Active music-making creates unique connections in the brain that support your child’s social, emotional, language, cognitive, and physical development.

What is Included?

Esther Winter


Nine activity videos, each featuring a different Music Together song

  • 3-5 expert-designed and -led activities for each song
  • Especially for babies birth through six months old
  • Access anytime, from any device (or cast to your TV)



Nine downloadable Music Together songs

  • Keep the musical fun going after you’ve learned the activities
  • Stream songs to your mobile device or computer
  • Download songs and add to your favorite music apps

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Learn about babies’ music development

  • Booklet about how babies learn music (and how you can help!)
  • Song-specific flyers to learn how the activities support your baby’s development
  • Activity extensions to keep the music learning going

Preview a Wiggle & Sing Music Activity

Watch Teacher Esther lead one of four “Sandpiper” music activities. (Each Wiggle & Sing video features a different Music Together song and includes a few activity ideas to try.)

Designed for babies birth through six months old (and their grownups!). $29.95 for 6 months of access
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"I saw my child light up as I played along with the video. I now have a new way to play with him!”
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Learn music activities from an expert teacher—and be inspired to make every day a musical one! Designed for babies under six months old (and their grownups!).


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The activities and information provided by Wiggle & Sing by Music Together® (and www.wiggleandsing.com) are for educational and entertainment purposes only and may not be used as a substitute for professional or medical advice and/or information. There is an inherent risk in performing movement activities and this or any other music and movement program could result in injury. The most important factor when doing these activities with your newborn and infant is to be sure to support their head and neck at all times.